Technical tours and site visits

On Friday September 22 attendees to the event have the option to join technical tours and site visits. Please indicate on the registration form if you want to join these tours. You will be contacted later for details.

Companies and sites included in the tours:


Kakolanmäki Wastewater Treatment Plant

Turun seudun puhdistamo Oy is a wastewater treatment service provider that is owned by 14 municipalities and offers high-quality wastewater treatment services to its owners. The company is responsible for the operation and treatment results of the Kakolanmäki wastewater treatment plant, with the aim of providing an optimal purification performance. The plant processes the wastewater of almost 300,000 residents in the Turku region, in addition to the industrial wastewater of the region.


Clever is a Turku-based company specialized in technical solutions for eco-friendly wastewater treatment and recycling. Clewer develops and markets technical solution for local to communal-scale wastewater treatment, low-water consumption car washes, and industrial solutions for heavy industries, food industries, and aquaculture. Clewer’s water treatment solutions minimize the use of chemicals and maximize water recycling and savings in industrial operations. Clewer also develops special water quality sensors for monitoring of industrial wastewater processes.