Welcome Greetings


Celebrate with us the 100th Anniversary of Finland’s Independence – the home of Clean Water!

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 5th Annual High-Level Dialogue Conference of the China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) in Turku, Finland, on 21­–22 September 2017.

The objective of the CEWP, established in 2012, is to promote policy dialogue, joint research and business development in the water sector. The annual high-level meeting has been the key event in promoting the policy dialogue. This year the program brings together politicians, business and the academic community to discuss how water technology and water-related circular economy can help the EU, China and the world towards reaching the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Finland and China have a long history of good cooperation, as also witnessed by the visit of the President of the People’s Republic of China, H.E. Xi Jinping to Finland this April, as a first Nordic country. During this visit several cooperation agreements were signed on themes such as cleantech, bioeconomy, innovation and ICT. In recent years Finland and China have also re-established their cooperation in the water sector and are now working together to improve water resources management in fields such as urban waters, lake restoration and monitoring and dam safety technologies. Finland has also become more active in the CEWP and we are striving to deepen the Europe - China water collaboration.

This year Finland is celebrating its 100the anniversary as an independent nation. I am proud to say that Finland is truly the home of clean water and environment: 70% of Finland is covered with forests and 10 % with water. There are roughly 200 000 lakes, 200 000 islands and 650 rivers in Finland, and we have been ranked the greenest country in the world.

Finland has been listed as one of the world leaders in innovation and information technology. With these achievements we are ready to enter the next phase of the economy, which is about resource efficiency and reuse, the circular economy. Water-related circular economy means that water resources are treated with respect and prudency and that nutrients and hazardous substances in the water cycle are also treated and reused. Besides being environmentally sustainable, this approach is an economically sound way of treating our ‘blue gold’. Based on these principles, Finland is investing its knowhow in water and water-related environmentally sustainable economy, which we call ‘the Blue Bioeconomy’.

With these words, I warmly welcome you to participate in the CEWP Conference and to join our 100th anniversary celebrations!

Kimmo Tiilikainen
Minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment


Welcome to Turku and to the region willing to turn water into opportunities

It is an honor for the City of Turku to host the annual EU-China Water Platform high-level meeting in September 2017. Decision-makers, company representatives, members of the academy and all the other actors in the water sector, you are warmly welcome!

Cooperation with China has been a natural part of our international collaboration for a long time. The City of Tianjin has been the sister city of Turku for the past 17 years and we’ve had some great cooperation on several fields. Children and teenagers from Tianjin have been visiting Turku for the past three summers – this year over 200 kids enjoyed the Finnish summer in Turku.

University cooperation predates the sister-city agreement, as Turku University of Applied Science had been working with Tianjin even before the agreement was signed in 2000. Several companies from the Turku region have partners in Tianjin. There has been cooperation for example in the fields of cleantech and district heating.

Recently, storm water management has risen to top priorities of urban water management worldwide. That is why we are currently building collaboration with Chinese cities to transfer storm water into resource for better urban space.

Finland has ample water resources and a long history of water conservation and sustainable use of water resources. Today Finland is listed as one of the top country for water quality management in Europe.

For several years now, our region of South-West Finland has actively been seeking new ways to turn water into opportunities. The Platform for Water Expertise is a network of universities, companies and business development agencies from the region. Purpose of the network is to bring together actors willing to find new sustainable growth from water.

For us, the possibility to host the annual high-level meeting of the China-EU Water Platform is a recognition of our long term ambition to find common solutions for water related challenges.

With these words we want to welcome you to Turku to have fruitful annual meeting of the EU-China Water Platform!

Aleksi Randel
Mayor of Turku